People. Purpose. Passion

Growth story of GTLL is driven by people working towards a common purpose of building a healthier world with utmost passion and dedication. We have a multicultural workforce of over 300 people committed to improve healthcare and creating value for all the stakeholders. A culture of inclusivity and diversity makes the workplace exciting and lays the groundwork for new ideas to take shape and new talent to step up.

Quality, innovation and trust are tightly woven in the fabric of our work environment. While aiming to raise the bar, we adhere to the values of respect and integrity. At Terce, you will get a work environment conducive to continuous self improvement rich with opportunity to learn from the best and evolve in your career.

Work with Compassion, Grow with Excellence

Are you passionate about bringing smile to people with promise of better health? Do you believe in pushing the boundaries to excel in your work? Then Terce can provide you with the right platform to demonstrate your talent, make the best use of your skills, lead from the front and accomplish goals.

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Employees Testimonials

Their team are easy to work with and helped me make amazing websites in a short amount of time. Thanks guys for all your hard work. Professional support.

Jonsan Donner
Sales manager
Chintan Chavda
Senior Group Product Manager

"It has been wonderful 7 years with GTLL so far. The dynamic nature of the organization has helped each of us in the "Marketing Department to explore our hidden potential. The balance between organized and flexible attributes is what makes the execution of our tasks very smooth and easy. The support from the senior level management has not only contributed to our professional life, but also with personal life aspect. Systematic work-life balance and adaptable environment are all one can feel at GTLL, which creates harmonious working conditions that counterbalance the work-life balance. "Bliss" is the word that comes to my mind to describe GTLL in one word."

Yatri Patvi
Digital Marketing Executive

"Starting my journey as an intern to reaching the destination of being an Employee at Gujarat Terce Laboratories Ltd.I always tried to be as much as innovative and creative as I can. There was always the freedom of thoughts, Ideas, and Execution. Being an MBA fresher I was given a path full of freedom where I can pitch each and everything to Senior Level Management. Once you are a part of the Terce family it is easy to maintain the balance between professional and personal life because senior-level management is very much supportive. I am glad to be part of Gujarat Terce Laboratories Ltd. For me, Gujarat Terce is Canvas for Creativity."

Deepak Bhatnagar
Business Head

"It has been 28 years since I have been associated with GTLL. I would say that GTLL has shaped my career, growth, perspective in all aspects.Right from the very beginning, the management, seniors, colleagues, everyone has been indeed cooperative. I have never faced even the slightest of any issue. Talking about work-life balance, I never had to choose between these. Both were manageable easily. What made me stick with GTLL these 28 years is Identification, Appreciation, Liberty and Appraisal on good performance. In one word, I would describe GTLL as "My Life". I remember, years ago, when my friend was suggesting I get married, I told him "I am married to GTLL."

Ravikant Saini
General Manager- Glim Divison

"I completed 29 years at GTLL. I started my job as a Medical Representative on 9th May 1993. This was my first job in pharmaceuticals and now perhaps a last too. I was not having much knowledge about pharmaceuticals but the continuous quest to learn new things gave me abundant opportunities throughout my career at GTLL. Everything that I learned at GTLL is due to our Respected Director N.P. Prajapati Sir. He is a blessing in my life. He always empowered us in every way. Trust was the best part that was delegated to us. Sir gave us a chance to enroll in Nirma University for 5 days workshop which was related to Pharmaceutical Management. This was the best opportunity through which I learned many things and gave me a path to do my best. In one word GTLL is a blessing for me."

Susmita Sadhukhan
HR Professional

"After completing my MBA, GTLL was my first job, hence, I was very nervous, but soon, Ms Shachi made me feel comfortable, and as a part of this family. I got to learn numerous things from our CFO- Mr Bhagirath Mauraya which are still helping me in my work. Initially, I was a finance officer, but soon I realised that my potential actually lies in the HR domain. Thus, it was just a matter of time that Aalap Sir acknowledged my thoughts and gave me the designation of HR Executive. Talking about work-life balance, it has always been easiest with GTLL. To describe GTLL, I would quote- The corporate that captivates my creativity."

Rajendra Joshi
National Sales Head

"It has been 23 years, to be precise, at GTLL now. It has always felt like another home. Growing together, learning together and flourishing together. From being a Medical Representative to a National Sales Manager, the journey has been great. Moreover, work-life balance was easy to maintain always with the support of senior management. What has made me be with GTLL is 4 P's: Post, Position, Peace, and People which has always been valuable here. It would be extremely tough to describe the experience at GTLL in one word. Whatever I am, it's all because of GTLL. My professional life has become bigger than my personal life, and I 'm happy!"

Aashka Solanki
Senior Officer Compliance and Legal

"I have been working with GTLL for 1.5 years. GTLL being a listed Company has helped me to stay updated with the Capital Market-related laws and has improved my drafting and interpretation skills. GTLL has added a new career opportunity for me by trusting me with handling its trademarks. Working here has helped me to learn how to work more independently. I used to wonder in initial days of work at GTLL that what made these many employees stay for more than 10-15 years at GTLL and lately I am realising that it is the work independence and ample amount of motivation you get here even on achieving small targets. No one here forgets to appreciate the fellow matte for the good work they do. Also, the best thing I feel about working here is that from Senior Managerial Personnel to the office boy everyone is treated with the same respect. GTLL is one of those corporates which not only helps you grow professionally but also takes care of your personal well beings. So maintaining a work-life balance becomes easy here. Sentence for GTLL: A place filled with opportunities, you just need to know how, when and where to grab it !"

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